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Drive Safely With Brake Services and Repairs

When your car is in need of diagnostics or repair, trust the team at Aceto Auto Repair in Pennsauken, New Jersey. In addition to preventative maintenance, we offer numerous repair services that are backed by a 24 month-24,000 mile warranty.

*some exclusions may apply*

Full-Service Repair

Whether we like it or not, auto repair is a necessity and waiting until the last minute can be detrimental to your vehicle. What might be a minor repair issue today can easily escalate to major damages if left untreated. At Aceto Auto Repair, we take complete pride in servicing all of your vehicle’s needs. From routine service to replacing an engine, our mechanics along with state of the art equipment will allow us to take on any of your auto repair needs.

» Cooling Systems
» Steering & Suspension
» Exhaust
» Tire Repair
» Major & Minor Engine Repair

» Starters & Alternator
» Heating & Air Conditioning
» Fuel Systems
» Differentials (Axles & Wheel Bearings)
» Exhaust


Vehicles today have very complex engine control and electrical systems that consist of many computerized networks. To determine the cause of a vehicles failure, these particular systems and networks require specialized testing on computerized diagnostic equipment. Scanning your check engine light is not diagnosing the failure. A diagnostic test will identify what the problem is and what steps need to be taken to get the repairs done as soon as possible.

Brakes and Exhaust

Brake Service

We can replace all the components of your vehicles brake system, whether you need pads, rotors, shoes, drums, calipers, or wheel cylinders. Aceto Auto Repair is your one stop shop for all of your braking needs. From a routine brake service to diagnosing your ABS traction control system malfunction. As always, you will leave our establishment feeling satisfied with our 24 month-24,000 mile warranty. (some exclusions may apply)